Color infused, bright and lively — this becomes our vintage, cultural outdoor celebration at a lemon ranch outside of LA.

Bringing in designs from the eastern world — lots of golds, jewels and unique patterns — makes it a mesh of culture with the modern. The details are delicate and elegant enough to fuse seamlessly with a vintage theme in an outdoor space. The natural greens and outdoor greens contrast the vibrant colors in a spectacular fashion. Usually we find cultural celebrations limited to stuffy ballrooms or more traditional wedding event spaces. Be Wed wanted to show a couple how they can still do vintage, rustic and the outdoors all while infusing color and keeping the formality that an Indian wedding requires.

The whimsical wedding paper — from the vintage inspired menus, bird carried name cards, welcome sign that re-caps the couples’ history together as well as the floral paper aisle runner all come together to form a beautiful color bomb of happiness. The colors wrap in the more traditional blushes and a softer palette to tie to vintage very naturally.

Vintage dinner and tableware all enveloped in golds — both antique and modern — brings together the two worlds of western and eastern in harmony.

The bride’s romantic wedding gown as well as her more traditional wedding attire, a sari, both complement the wedding style and design. She is able to change outfits between her ceremony and reception with ease, while staying true to both her eastern culture and more modern western self.

This happy, colorful and elegant look is meant to work for any couple who wants to add some fun and color to their wedding celebration.

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