Q. Who is your make up artist? (name & website)
A. Masooma Hasnain https://www.facebook.com/glamurlife2/

Q. Where is your engagement ring from?
A. Charleston Alexander

Q. Who is your wedding dress designer? (name & website)
A. India 😉 , reception – mac duggal

Q. Who is your decorator? (name & website)
A. Event Envy, Mehdi Jalil http://eventenvy.com

Q. Who is making your cake? (name & website)
A. The Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner

Q. Who is your caterer? (name & website)
A. IndAroma

Q. Who is your officiant? (name & website)
A. Gurdwara Priests

Q. Who is your DJ? (name & website)
A. Kushal Vinodia DJ Kush http://mixedsoundsent.com

Q. Menhndi Artist
A. Shazia Jalil, henna by shazia http://www.justhenna.com/site/

Q. Shoes:
A. Reception – jimmy choo

Q. Jewelry:
A. Mom got it in Mumbai, India

Q. Wedding favors:
A. Donation to make a wish international , and a sweet treat !

Q. How did you two meet?
A. Divya and Ricky knew of eachhother in college , but never spoke. They met in September 2015 at a mutual friends wedding reception! Ricky approached Divya after she performed at the reception, and they were inseparable the entire evening! Ricky actually thought there was a chair next to Divya for him to sit on, and not realizing that there actually wasnt, he slipped and crashed onto the floor at the reception! 🙂 He likes to say he really did “fall” for her. The rest is history!

Q. How did you know you wanted to marry each other?
A. Divya: I knew after a few months of knowing Ricky. I was always in splits when talking to him, and he was clearly the most giving, caring, and ambitious person I had ever met. Not to mention, he was an extremely handsome face to look at! Everything clicked so incredibly easily with the relationship… it really was perfect and effortless.

Ricky: After having phone calls that would last hours and hours, since we were initially long distance, I was so anxious to meet Divya. Once I met her, I was so happy at how we connected and how beautiful she was. We took our first trip to Miami together, and it was the best trip I have ever been on. I knew after spending so much time together outside of our homes in New York and D.C, that this woman was going to be my wife.

Q. How did he propose?
A. Ricky planned a surprise proposal in D.C. at the national mall. He took her out on MLK weekend to look at the monuments. He had organized to have a friend of his set up cameras to capture every moment. After telling her that she had made all of his dreams come true, he dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Of course the Cowboys were playing that evening, so he couldnt miss the game 🙂 We sat and watched the game, and then went to dinner. And Ricky’s surprises continued! He had all of Divyas family and friends flown in from near and far, and his family and friends surprise her for an engagement celebration!

Q. What is the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?
A. Seeing each other 🙂

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