Sanjay + Semira – Destination Wedding – Jamaica – Wedding Film from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

Cinematographer: Film Style Weddings

Photographer: Rok Choi
Venue: Apollo convention Center Mississauga, ON, Negril, Jamaica resort

One of the biggest challenges couples face with the modern-day indian wedding, is striking a happy balance between including everyone on their guest lists while still maintaining a personal, intimate atmosphere. Sanjay and Semira decided to not have to choose, and what resulted was a delightful, trend-setting way of having one’s cake and eating it too. Literally.

Both our bride and groom are from Toronto,Canada but wanted their ceremony to take place somewhere fun and tropical. As per Sanjay’s suave, stylish personality they held an engagement party in Toronto that was a most elegant affair. Replete with family dances, touching speeches and great dining, for all in attendance it was a memorable night to herald their upcoming union.

For the ceremony, off to sunny, lush Jamaica they went! Semira is all kinds of bubbly and colorful, and their choice of destination seemed to perfectly compliment the bride’s style. Their ceremony took place under an outdoor mandaap, against a backdrop of dancing palms and blue ocean. As the couple wished it, their closest family and friends were witnesses to their marriage and as per the age-old tradition, Sanjay displayed superior negotiating skills when it came time for him to barter with the bridesmaids for his highly coveted shoes.

Despite the differences in size of each event, both projected a buoyant mood of strong ties and deep family bonds; core values of South Asian practices and culture. So who says you can’t add the right dash of modern flair to the traditional indian wedding? Sanjay and Semira show us gratifyingly exactly how it is done.

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