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Zara Shahjahan has made her name in the market slowly yet surely.She has developed a niche clientele that understands and has the ability to appreciate design and pattern making with her background in miniature painting.She is Pakistan’s first designer who has the expertise to make her own motifs.

Zara studied miniature at the national college of arts from where she graduated in 2002.Her earlier lines of gaara embroidery saaris and sheesha work were so well received by the industry that in her few years of experience Zara Shahjahan has become a name to be reckoned with.

Brand loyalists and peers agree that she is one designer who can put different eras and cultures together with such subtlety that the result is not just a great asset to your wardrobe but also a comment upon the evolution of fashion in this part of the world; in simple words each one of Zara Shahjahans creation is a fashion statement.also due to her deliberate low key profile Zara has managed to avoid commercialism and thus is able to guarantee her valued clients,one-of-a-a kind designs.

Anyone who meets Zara will know that she is no ordinary woman.With an honest,almost blunt opinion and a flamboyant sense of self expression Zara gives that positive color to any gathering.and this shines through in her work.

Zara started her studio at home in 2004 with one tailor.She designed morning and evening wear for herself,and for family and friends.Slowly her sense of fashion drew attention and Zara started getting clients who understood her cultured taste.The word caught on and today Zara Shahjahan has attained rank for being an artist of her own genre.

Her sheesha line 2004 which introduced the khulli shalwar was a trend setter that took the nation by storm.In 2005-6 she introduced her exquisite gaara embroidery bridal line that used swarovski crystals for the first time in Pakistan.The style became so huge that other designers had no choice but to incorporate the idea in their own clothes – (Facebook Page)

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