How We Met

It all began when Vanshag first came across Chandani on a South Asian dating app called ‘Dil Mil’ but continued to add her on all of the social media platforms: Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to get her attention because one wasn’t enough. Snapchat was where Vanshag caught Chandani‘s attention after noticing a snap she sent with a view of the beautiful skyline overshadowing the mountain peaks in Las Vegas. From that initial conversation, Vanshag asked Chandani if he could fly to Las Vegas to meet her. Chandani had agreed BUT Vanshag told her he did not travel much and never explored outside of his home turf, Boston Massachusetts. After a crazy turbulent Spirit flight with bachelorette parties screaming “We are going to die,” he was so relieved to finally make it to Las Vegas. As he walked out of the airport (which took about 20 minutes since Vanshag could not find the passport pick up sign), he was amazed by her glowing smile and mesmerizing eyes. After 2 visits to Las Vegas and spending time with her, he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. Vanshag knew she’d be the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with from the moment he met her. Yeah, it’s cheesy but it was love at first sight for him. **Some Bollywood Romantic Song Playing** His life had changed with her in such a positive way and he couldn’t go a day without talking or seeing her over the phone (Yes, he got her to convert from regular calling to FaceTiming as well as texting haha). He was never the type to hold a conversation about feelings and expressing himself until he met her. They continued to FaceTime/call/text each other, but working through the 3 hour time difference and varying day to day schedules was tough. Long distance was not easy and it took a ton of patience but, they continued to grow and love each other, worlds apart. ~01.22.2018~

How He Asked

Vanshag remembered Chandani telling him how Lake Las Vegas was a beautiful spot to propose (since Vanshag’s mom accidentally told Chandani about his plan to propose in PARIS lol). He came a few months before the proposal and found the perfect location with a backdrop of the mountains and lake. He wanted to keep the surprise proposal interactive with cute stations because of how much she loved board games and the Disney Princess, Cinderella. When she walked through the double doors, the rest was up to the fairy godmother. She read a scroll which was a royal invitation to a royal ball outside, listing what she needed to do before arriving at the ball. The Fairy godmother took her to a Royal room saying, “Well, you can’t go to the ball looking like that! Come with me!” He had a changing room saying, ” I have the perfect dress.” After she changed into her outfit, she was guided to the second station which had another scroll saying,”Hurry down the stairs, miracles take time to happen.” Then, the Fairy godmother says, “This way please, your Fairytale awaits!” As she walked out, she saw Vanshag waiting by a floral arch with the cheesiest smile. She could not stop smiling and when she reached him, he took her into his arms. He twirled her a couple of times but could not stop shaking because he was so nervous. As he tried to compose himself, he managed to start telling her about his feelings. As he went down on one knee, he asked her to marry him but forgot the ring so she whispered to him, “Where’s the ring?” LOL. He gets up and says let’s try this again haha and gets back on one knee. As she’s about to say yes, she sees their families and friends starting to walk toward them screaming with excitement! It was the best day of their lives! She’s so grateful to have Vanny be the Prince charming to her Cinderella, forever. ~06.22.2019.~

Wedding Part 1

Vanny and Chand started wedding planning in June 2020 but as COVID worsened they decided to postpone it for a little bit. In the meantime, they were long distance and realized that they may not be able to have the wedding they dreamed of. On April 23/24, 2021, they had an intimate wedding with their families and friends in Methuen, MA where they officially began their lives as husband & wife! Yes it was a two day wedding as the 23rd was super windy and they retook their vows on the 24th with the blessings from their families! ~04.23/24.2021.~


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