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The collection is inspired by the rajhastani culture and heritage. The name bloodline is derived from the great rajput historians and reflects their culturally rich personalities and artistic and traditional way of life. The inspiration comes from the richness and creativity that is so common in these states, from elegantly dressed women, who are simple but bold in their attitude to the landscape of the desert with surreal calmness in its outlook, the states exude admirable splendour in every aspect.
The collection comprises of our trademark ethnic and vintage embroideries, different tilla techniques, ribbon work, extensive reesham work, combined with our signature succha gota. The color pallet ranges from pastels to bright and playful colors appropriate for all the occasions.
Keeping in mind the extensive clientale and as always trying to cater to the masses, we have introduced the industrial scale embroideries to make it affordable for the people as every girl wishes to have a dream wedding and the most essential part of a wedding are the clothes. At Fahad Hussayn, we try to provide the clients with the best quality products and as our motto of being timeless, we are constantly trying to design clothes keeping in mind, the needs of our clientale both in Pakistan and abroad.
For the mens wear we will be showcasing a range of velvet sherwanis and custom karandi jamawar sherwanis, our signature shawls and embroided kurtas. And for females we have designed traditional yet trendy dresses comprising of ghagras, high wasted traditional skirts and short cholis and also long and flowy gowns catering to the different choices and tastes of the people. We have also come up with the idea of seprates, dividing the bridal into different sections, so that after the big day, the dress can be worn in different ways, untilising the amount of money spent and also making it timeless to keep it as an heirloom piece, considering the connection and emotional attatchment to this spefic piece of cloth.
“In the end, I would like to dedicate this collection to the most renowned and legendry folk singer whose death was a fresh blow to the arts in Pakistan. Her songs were and will always be an inspiration to the people including myself. When I heard the news as I was working on this collection, I instantly decided to dedicate it to Reshma as she was also from Rajhastan, making it all so meaningful and heartwarming. May her sould rest in peace.”
Fahad Hussayn in collaboration with the famous singer Farhan Saeed would also be paying a tribute to Reshma Ji by presenting an exclusively composed song for this show.

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