Over the past three years, I’ve written and witnessed many stories that have ended in “happily ever after.” But this one right here — it’s my absolute favorite because it’s my MINE! Yep, the million dollar question of, “How in the world is your boyfriend going to propose to YOU?” has been answered.

I’d obviously be lying if I said that I hadn’t wondered how this moment would eventually play out, but to be honest, I never envisioned a “perfect” proposal because I didn’t know myself what that would look like… until now.

Some couples meet, fall madly in love instantly and never look back. We weren’t one of those couples. (I know, I find it hard to believe as well that Avik didn’t fall madly in love with me instantly). The road to this day had been a long and a curvy one. We even hit the brakes and veered off course. At times, we felt like we were taking two steps forward, one step back. But in the end, all roads led us back to each other. The corn maze, where Avik proposed today, was in essence, meant to be a symbol of our relationship.

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I arrived at VonThun Farms early in the morning to meet my friend to do a photo shoot for her twins. I wanted to test out my new lenses, and she wanted photos for the twins’ first birthday. It was a win-win. Or at least, so I thought. She was nowhere to be found, and I was left walking around the maze with my Canon DSLR in hand thinking, “I don’t have time for these games. It’s Sunday morning — I should be in bed wondering what I’ll have for brunch instead.” Little did I know, through each twist and turn, I was getting a step closer to Avik.

As I approached the end of the maze, it was lined with petals and there he was on bended knee, waiting to tell me that although it took us some time to get here, we ultimately found our way back to each other, and from this day forward, we’d never walk alone.

What came next is obvious but worth noting, because it’s pretty special…​

The ring, while undoubtedly stunning, actually gets its sparkle from the chock-full o’ meaning packed inside this precious stone. The inside of the platinum band is engraved with phrases and birthstones that are a nod to both, my past and future with Avik. When the jeweler takes hours to get to know your girlfriend in order to design a ring that captures her journey, you know you’re in good hands. Zameer Kassam is a storyteller first, a jeweler second, wherein his transcribed words translate into a piece that tells a story for years to come.

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