I had been looking forward to Aqsa and Talha’s Nikkah ever since they told me they were holding it in
Aqsa’s backyard! This was pre-Covid era so backyard Nikkah’s were pretty hard to come by! I was told
that the backyard would be beautifully set up for the intimate Nikkah Ceremony but when I arrived at
the Venue, it was even more magical than I expected!! The attention to detail within the beautiful DIY
decor items was spectacular and every single piece told Aqsa and Talha’s story beautifully. Their
Nikkah was such a beautiful ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. After their Nikkah we
were headed to a local creek to photograph their portraits. Once we made our way back to Aqsa’s
home, the couple choose to do a beautiful Dove Release for the whole family to enjoy before the
Rukhsati. These two were so much fun to work with and their wedding was breathtakingly beautiful!
They were just such sweet souls and trusted me completely! – Pokiman Photos

Photography – Pokiman Photos @https://www.instagram.com/pokimanphotos/
Make up – @MakeupBySabba: https://www.instagram.com/makeupbysabba/
Dessert – @CheesecakeQueeen: https://www.instagram.com/cheesecakequeeen/
Dessert – @LubabasPatisserie: https://www.instagram.com/lubabaspatisserie/
Event Décor – @HighlineInternational: https://www.instagram.com/highlineinternational/
Event Décor – @SouthernCharmVintageRentals:
Henna Artist – @HeavenlyHennaArt: https://www.instagram.com/heavenlyhennaart

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