How we met: Our story started during my academic days at the University of Waterloo, where the intertwining threads of fate led us to a serendipitous encounter. What brought us together wasn’t just our mutual friends but a common love for exploring. As we chatted more, I found out we both enjoyed socializing and having a good time with friends. Our time at university became the starting point of a simple yet beautiful story filled with laughter, shared dreams, and the joy of discovering new places side by side.

Wedding details: Surrounded by the warmth of love and the gentle embrace of nature, our wedding day unfolded as a beautifully intimate celebration with a touch of boho charm. The air was filled with joy and laughter, creating a magical atmosphere that perfectly reflected our unique love story. As the sun set, casting a warm glow over the festivities, we exchanged our vows, surrounded by the love and support of those who matter most. The tables adorned with flowers, custom thank you cards, and candles created an enchanting scene, inviting our closest friends and family to share in the joy of our union. Our intimate, boho-inspired wedding was not just a day, but a canvas painted with the hues of our shared dreams and the beginning of a lifetime of adventure together.


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