How We Met

“There could have been no two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison, no countenances so beloved.” – Jane Austen

Opposites attract, but in Ajita and Shashank’s case, it was the sense of familiarity that struck a chord. It’s not every day that two individuals, who share the same lineage (families living just five miles from each other, common surnames and mother tongue), meet in a city seven oceans apart thanks to “a software application designed to facilitate connections between people”.

San Francisco and Technology, their place and field of work, brought them together who were otherwise unaware of each other’s presence. Their initial conversations revealed a shared passion for food, leading to their first dating activity centered around the kitchen. This culinary experience provided an opportunity to bond over shared tastes and experiences. Their mutual love for stand-up comedy further cemented their connection, from enjoying the likes of Dave Chapelle, Jerry Seinfield to Pratyush Chaubey, who graciously performed at their wedding. It took them no time to realize that any moment not spent together would be remiss and that they were ready for the next step.


No ‘questions were popped’ because they had no question in their mind. Ajita and her dog, Hira, moved in with the man they both loved in his cozy apartment and started making it their own home. On Shashank’s next trip to India, he let his family and friends know that he had found the one. Upon Shashank’s return, Ajita and Shashank exchanged wedding bands with carvings symbolizing everlasting vows of friendship, fidelity, and love indicating they were ready to take the plunge soon.

Getting Hitched

Thus, the preparations began. What ensued was four months of relentless hustle to make their wedding a dream come true. They envisioned a destination wedding on the warm, serene white sands of Goa inspired by some features in this magazine, executed in a manner reminiscent of a Bollywood movie. After numerous considerations, they settled on St. Regis, Goa, primarily for its unmatched hospitality. St. Regis’ team ensured that the couple secured the most premium locations for all their events (Mehendi, Sangeet and Sundowner beach wedding), sealing the deal. Despite being in California, finalizing vendors in Goa to handle the rest of the grandiose affair was no small feat. However, thanks to inspiration from South Asia Bride Magazine, social media and wedding apps such as WedMeGood, they were able to hire the best in class artists for photography (WedMeClick Productions), makeup (Manu Dheeraj Makeup Artist), and wedding planning/decoration (the Wedding Archers), leaving no stone unturned to turn their dream into reality. The regal splendor and lavishness of the occasion were elevated by the designer attire they acquired from Seema Gujral, Aastha Narang, Pernia Popup, Kalki, and Brooks Brothers.

As the sun set on their magical celebration, casting a golden glow over the memories created, they couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. As they bid farewell to their enchanting wedding, they carried not just cherished memories but the promise of a lifetime filled with friendship, fidelity and love.


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