Aditi was charmed by Madhukar’s brilliance, quick wit and unflappable spirit. Madhukar was captivated by Aditi’s happy personality, intellect and her radiant smile. Both of them share a perenially optimistic attitude towards life and have easy going personalities. They have a common love of exploring the outdoors and leading a physically active lifestyle.

Their relationship blossomed quickly and they began to plan their life together. On a glorious sunny day last November, during a trip to the mountains of Idaho, Madhukar proposed to Aditi by a sparkling lakeside.

Cupped by snow capped mountains on one end and a lush forest on the other, it was as picture perfect as could be! They flew to India in december and had a formal engagement cermony surrounded by friends and family.

As Madhukar was based in the Bay Area and Aditi had close family in the vicinity, they decided to host their wedding in California. After considering several locations, they were ultimately drawn in by the energy and vibe of downtown San Francisco. It was also the perfect location where their guests could step out and explore the city between events.

Madhukar is a materials science engineer from IIT, Mumbai followed by a PhD in the U.S. He currently works as a senior product engineer for a distinguished company in the Bay Area. He has a creative and innovative bent of mind, which he employs in helping make computer chips smaller and more efficient.

Aditi is an internal medicine physician practicing inpatient medicine in the Boston area. She loves her job because of the opportunity to interact with a wide diaspora of patients in a hospital setting.

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