With all of the rules and regulations currently in place celebrating marriage the “traditional” way isn’t necessarily possible right now. However, if there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that love always deserves to be celebrated.

Together with an amazing team of vendors from across the Greater Toronto Area, we wanted to find a way to inspire couples looking to get married in the midst of a pandemic. So, we put together a concept ceremony to show you a few ways you can still celebrate your love – in style! We focused on building out a Bohemian look with a South Asian flare to show you that you can still have your dream wedding, just on a smaller scale.

Location, Location, Location!
From the minute guests walk in, you need to ensure that their health and safety comes first. Keeping in mind that regulations vary from country to country, select a location where your guests will feel comfortable, but still allows for physical distancing. You’ll also want a space that allows you to mimic the original set-up for your ceremony so you can maintain the look and feel you spent months planning.

Instead of a typical guest book and photos, we created a custom “welcome” table that consisted of sanitizer, masks, and stickers for guests to wear that displayed their level of comfort in terms of social distancing. Each of the items were personalized with cute pictures and sayings to make guests feel safe, but also represent the personality of the couple. At this point, we recommend having an usher to conduct temperature checks on guests as they enter and let them know where they will be sitting. This may sound a bit extreme, but at the end of the day, it’s for the safety of everyone.

In the first set-up, we created a ceremony setup in a backyard, fully equipped with guest seating, a cake cutting station, and a head table area. What we’ve learned is that intimate settings in your own home (or family and friends, don’t be afraid to ask!) are convenient, and allow you to customize and conduct your ceremony on your own timelines. Continuing along with the Bohemian theme, we created a structural tent-style seating to ensure everyone was spaced out appropriately. This can also be done by clustering chairs according to household sizes and creating a seating plan to align.

In our second setup, we created a simple ceremony setup on a beach – so romantic! This is ideal for couples who want to have an elopement ceremony with a few guests present. You can draw circles in the sand to keep people distanced, but the same rules apply for needing to have a sanitization station. When you’re forced to get creative, we’ve learned that just about anything is possible!

Anyone hungry?
10/10 guests agree, food is the single most important memory of any wedding! So, while this needs some modification, you definitely want to make sure you’re creating some taste bud memories for your guests. The ideal scenario is to create “to-go” boxes that still give guests a full meal or dessert but allows them to stay safe while eating their meal.

We know couples are worried about not being able to have everyone attend their wedding that were initially invited, but thanks to technology, all of your events can be live streamed and broadcasted to those who cannot be present.

What this pandemic has really taught us is that the size or the production of a wedding is not what matters. These intimate weddings allow you to embrace and be present with the small group of people that are actually there and not get caught up on all the glitz and glam. It’s brought us back down to reality to help us realize that at the end of the day, what matters most is that you are marrying the person you love and starting the next chapter of your life.

Planner – Beyoutiful Beginnings (https://www.instagram.com/beyoutiful.beginnings/)
Photo – Tomograph Photography (https://www.instagram.com/tom_ograph/)
Decor – Sabi Creative Studio (https://www.instagram.com/sabicreativestudio/_
H&M – Beautee Inc. (https://www.instagram.com/beauteeinc/)
Clothing- The New Delhi Company (https://www.instagram.com/thenewdelhicompany/)
Jewelry – Odhna (https://www.instagram.com/odhna/)
Cake – iCake Bakery (https://www.instagram.com/_icakebakery/)
Balloons – Just Pary Balloons Inc. (https://www.instagram.com/justpartyballoonsinc/)
Signage – Wonderwall (https://www.instagram.com/wonderwalls.ca/)
To go boxes – Wafflesinthe6ix (https://www.instagram.com/wafflesinthe6ix/)
Models – Saiba (https://www.instagram.com/saiba.vig/)

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