Photographer: Anna Wu Photography

This was such an incredible surprise proposal. Vijay crafted such an intricate plan, completely thoughtful and intimate down to the last detail. It was not a big public display or self indulgent in the least. It was all for Anika. It was all about Anika.

While Anika went to work, Vijay prepared everything in her apartment. He thought her amazing balcony views over San Francisco would be the perfect backdrop to the proposal. (And of course it was).

Let’s set the scene: Vijay is an all-around brilliant person who has a knack for learning anything and everything quickly. Just in the last year, he and two friends decided to go into the restaurant business, opening a restaurant called Tava Indian Kitchen down in Palo Alto. At any rate, Vijay is a great self-taught chef, and he’s also a great self-taught photographer. So over the course of the last week or so, he recreated significant meals that he and Anika have shared, he photographed them, and he created this gorgeous wall display. Also, as you can see in the ring, the man has very good taste. “I’m not sure if she’ll like it,” he said.

After recreating the meals for the photographs, Vijay recreated them all again for the proposal, because after he proposed, he would take Anika on a journey through all sixteen meals for dinner and dessert!

I partially hid behind a couch as Vijay walked Anika over to the balcony. I gave away my location as soon as I started snapping, but honestly, once the proposal is under way, nothing else in the world exists!

The big moment!

She said yes!

Explaining the photo wall and remembering all the different meals!

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